The Window Cleaning Resource Story

We know Window Cleaning.
In fact, we built a community around it.

We started our window cleaning business, All County Window Cleaning, in September 1999. A few years later we began to network with other window cleaning business owners. At the time, there were a couple online window cleaning communities. They didn’t quite have what we were looking for so we decided to start our own.

Window Cleaning Resource Was Born

On October 17th, 2007 we launched! “Window Cleaning Resource”  an online forum and YouTube channel. The idea was it would be a “Resource”. An online repository of information for professional Window Cleaners. A place where window cleaners could come network, chat and grow their businesses. We built the website that we wished existed when we started our company in 1999.

Funding The Resource

In 2008 we realized we would need financial resources to keep this “Resource” open. So we added an e-commerce store to our website. Before we realized it, we were in the window cleaning supply business. It was a natural fit

We decided early on that we would only carry products we believed in. With every product we sold, we would create a YouTube video explaining the product. At the time most people learned about window cleaning supplies from a paper catalog.

We thought it would be cool to show all the different window cleaning tools available. Window Cleaners could check them out without purchasing them.

We Don’t Sell Window Cleaning Supplies.

We Help Window Cleaners Buy Supplies.

In 2010 the window cleaning supply company we launched to fund the “Resource” started to take off. As we began to ad staff and team members to the company we sought out window cleaners first to fit the job roles. We wanted to have experienced window cleaners advising other window cleaners. When there is a product question why not have it answered by someone who has actually used the product?

At that point our mission became clear. We were in the business of helping window cleaners buy supplies. We were NOT in the business of selling supplies. We adopted a consultative approach in our window cleaner powered company. We have been helping window cleaners make better purchase decisions ever since.


Today we are still building our online Resource for professional window cleaners. Although we maintain our original forum with over a million posts. We have branched out and created communities across every social media platform. We are there to help on whatever platform fits you best.

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